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Waitaki Spraying.


Chris Horn from Waitaki Spraying outlines the primary motivations behind their investment in Tabula. Two key reasons drove their decision: proof of placement and job management. 

With a growing demand from dairy farmers concerning nitrogen caps and the precise application of fertilisers, clear proof of placement became crucial. Tabula answered this requirement by providing automatic proof of placement records of all chemical applications for the business.


Tabula was a no-brainer investment for us


Job Management was the second reason for adopting Tabula. Chris highlights the efficiency gained when farmers load jobs on Tabula Online and send them directly to the Waitaki Spraying office computer. "I can allocate it and send it to whichever vehicle I want it to go to, and then we can't get the wrong paddock." This streamlined process minimises note-taking and the risk of errors.

Chris says the main difference with Tabula is: "A lot less writing things down for me, a lot less paper trail." This reduced administrative work and the lower risk of choosing the wrong paddock are critical in their industry. "In our game, it's a huge risk if we get the wrong paddock, "  says Chris.  “Tabula was a ‘no-brainer’ investment providing the necessary solutions for precise chemical applications and efficient job allocation.”

Waitaki Spraying

Reducing paperwork and the risk of errors

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