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Trefusis Farm.


Jim Earl is a passionate farmer who along with his wife and parents, manages 750 hectares in scenic Scargill, North Canterbury. With a livestock portfolio of 3000 ewes, 1200 hogget, and 100 Angus cattle, the Earls are committed to driving efficiency and innovation on their property.

Around 18 months ago, Jim and his family recognised the need to elevate their farming practices. They sought a solution to enhance the accuracy of their spreading operations and the ability to gain reliable proof of placement across their extensive property. The Earls implemented Tabulas Farmvision Unit and Spreadcontroller, this was a decision that transformed their approach to farming.


“Having the spread controller integrated with the Farmvision tablet makes everything really efficient - we can adjust as we go and we’re bang on at the end of the job.”


The integration of Tabula's cutting-edge technology proved to be a game-changer. “Having the spread controller integrated with the FarmVision touch screen display makes everything very efficient, very quick and easy to use, we can adjust rates on the go and we know exactly where we are. This newfound accuracy was particularly satisfying for the Earls, as they knew that every resource was being utilised optimally “we're bang on at the end of the job which makes it very rewarding knowing everything's gone where it's supposed to go.”

Whenever the Earls encountered issues they knew they could rely on Tabula's support. A simple call to the provided 0800 number connected them with a responsive and efficient support team. Jim highlighted “Any problems we've had in the past with either the spread controller or the FarmVision tablet. We've just rung Tabula on the 0800 number, everything's been sorted very quickly and efficiently, which is good for keeping us going in the paddock.” 

The integration of Tabula's technology into their farming practices revolutionised the way the Earl family approached their farming practices.

Trefusis Farm

Revolutionising Farm Management

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