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Aerial firefighting is evolving

Safety. Precision. Efficiency. Clarity.

A visual, GPS guided solution for real-time management of your aerial assets in the fire ground.  Built on our proven AirVision platform, FireVision has been designed to support fire authorities and aerial firefighting contractors in the field, improving communication, situational awareness, effectiveness, efficiency and pilot safety.

FireBoard situational overview

Use the FireBoard to dynamically map changing fire ground features and weather conditions and share these with all aerial assets. Mark and automatically share the location of mobile refueling stations and new / depleted dip points as the fire moves. Set and update aircraft entry, exit and exclusion corridors to improve pilot safety. 

Navigate to job

Increase speed of the initial response to a reported fire by using GPS guided routes to designate the most direct route from base to the fireground.

Weather updates

Data from multiple fixed or mobile weather stations can be integrated into FireVision to share with aerial firefighting assets. Drop zones can be adjusted to account for wind strength and direction, suppression activities planned based on current and predicted weather conditions.  

Thermal image overlay

Update and overlay thermal surveillance images on FireVision while first responders are en-route to allow accurate targeting of hot spots. Update thermal images as the fire progresses to assist with directing control and suppression activities. 

Pilot and aircraft operational statistics

Monitor and report on individual aircraft and pilot operational statistics including the number of take-offs and landings, pilot hours, and the altitude and speed of drop tasks.

Near real-time tracking

Have complete visibility of all aerial firefighting assets in the fireground and know where your pilots are at all times. Track and monitor aircraft from wheels up, through to ETA at the fire ground, routes to tasks, to and from refilling stations and hours in the air.
Ground based mobile incident control vehicles and mobile refilling stations equipped with FireVision Command tablets or tracking devices are also tracked on FireVision. 


Learn more about how FireVision can help you.

What is FireVision?

FireVision is a visual solution that links the fire command center with aerial firefighting assets operating in near real-time in the fireground.  Operations are controlled by the command center tablet using the FireBoard, which connects to aerial firefighting assets with FireVision field tablets. Vehicle trackers installed in ground response vehicles easily identify key operational locations, including mobile refilling stations.

What FireVision does

FireVision advances emergency response operations and reduces emergency response time, through improved communication. The FireBoard provides a visual, centralized situational overview, incorporating weather updates and thermal image overlays to pinpoint critical areas of the operation and adjust activity as required in near real-time. Fireground information is shared visually with aerial firefighting assets. Suppression and surveillance tasks are updated dynamically. GPS-enabled SOS requests for assistance can be created and shared. Hazards are marked by pilots and ground crew and automatically shared across all aerial firefighting assets in the fire ground.

Getting started with FireVision

All FireVision hardware and software are supplied directly to customers by Tabula. If you have existing AirVision tablets, these may be FireVision-enabled for in-field use. Our teams in NZ, Australia and USA hold stock locally and are here to onboard you.  

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