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Bring certainty to your operations and reporting with Tabula's GPS guided proof of application and job management system.

TracMap is now Tabula, Learn more below

Orange fertilser spreading truck driving in paddock surrounded by hills

Get to the right place, doing the right job, in the most efficient way. Take the hassle out of health and safety, reporting and invoicing.

Yellow fixed wing plane spreading fertilisers on a paddock

Efficient application. Superior safety. Effortless administration. Know you’ve got it all covered with the AirVision solution, designed especially for aviators.

white blonde farming wife and white blonde husband looking at computer on the bonnet of their truck parked in their paddock

Effortlessly manage the work on your land. Automatically capture detailed data to prove compliance. Drive efficiency and productivity gains.

“It saves me and the staff a lot of time going backwards and forwards.”


“It's simple, nice and compact. I dont have to stress about how long it takes to set up."


"We ended up saving money and it pretty much paid for itself within 12 months"


Yellow Helicopter

“We would be lost without Tabula.”

“Tabula systems coupled with Tabula Online allow us to keep on top of our ag operations, with no need to download files, or send client the data, it keeps the work moving” 



Get in touch for a product demo from one of our expert team.

farming couple standing in paddock leaning on john deer tractor while looking at information on phone


Tabula is a GPS guided proof of application and job management system that gives landowners and their contractors certainty. At the core of our offer is the seamless mapping and recording of a whole array of day to day operations, such as fertiliser spreading and spraying. Tabula allows you to effortlessly control the work on your land and to have certainty that jobs have been completed accurately. The system automatically stores detailed data which you can refer back to any time to prove compliance and drive efficiency and productivity gains. And importantly, over time this data becomes a knowledge bank for landowners that will endure through generations, protecting and growing the value of your land.

Maximise efficiency and save time.

Tabula offers a range of solutions to streamline land management tasks. These solutions automate data recording, simplify compliance, and facilitate efficient job order management and invoicing. By minimising administrative tasks, Tabula allows landowners and contractors to save time and focus on improving efficiency and maximising land productivity.

Safeguard the land's value and increase its productivity.

Tabula manages a whole range of tasks on the land. Whether you are a landowner or contractor, all information recorded from jobs becomes precious data that provides insights into improving job efficiency and optimising land productivity. This data bank serves as evidence of work performed, safeguarding and protecting the land's value.

Improved operations through technology advancement.

Have peace of mind knowing that you are staying up-to-date with the latest technology to improve your operations with Tabula as our technology evolves. With ongoing improvements and updates automatically sent to all your devices, you can easily update your devices with a push of a button. Stay ahead with Tabula.

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