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KP Contracting.


Kerry Plow, the seasoned operator of KP Contracting for over four decades, shares his experience with the changing landscape of farming technology, with a family legacy in the industry dating back to the 1930s.

Reflecting on their adoption of Tabula, Kerry describes it as a true ‘godsend’ "It's certainly made my life a lot easier in the office, and we don't miss any jobs. We know where all the tractors are. When the farmer calls to inquire about the job's progress, you can instantly locate the tractor, ensuring that no jobs are overlooked."


It’s been a godsend.


Kerry understands the critical importance of not missing a single job. "You're only gonna miss one job, and that’s  the profit for the week gone." While there was an initial learning curve, Kerry says that once you get used to it, it's really easy.

Tabula has made life in the office much easier. The technology has transformed how KP Contracting  manages its fleet and the jobs worked on, ensuring precision and reducing errors. In contrast to how they worked in the past when mistakes were common, Tabula has brought a new level of efficiency and accuracy to their operations.

KP Contracting

Improving office efficiency, and ensuring no jobs are overlooked

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