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Elite Foliar Solutions.


Jayde Smith manages a fleet of two Land Cruisers for  Elite Foliar Solution, utilising the Tow n Fert System on the back of the vehicles.  With Tabula TotalVision, Jayde has streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency and seamlessly provides proof of placement to customers.

One of the standout features for Jayde is the convenience of planning and organising jobs in advance. He explains, "One thing I like about it is being able to sit at my computer the night before and organise jobs for both of my vehicles, and send the jobs to the TotalVision units." This means that when his workers arrive in the morning, the job is set up and ready to go. Once the day's work is complete, the process of sending proof of placement and generating invoices is equally straightforward. "It's as simple as going onto Tabula Online and sending the proof of placement  email to the customer," Jayde notes. Moreover, his farmers have access to the Tabula Online platform, enabling them to review the data themselves.


“It's a game-changer, my boys can get right to work have the certainty that we're spraying the correct paddock


Another feature Jayde values is the ability to grant farmers access to Tabula online, allowing them to select the paddocks they want  Elite Foliar Solutions to spray. This eliminates the need for me to create those jobs manually. The farmers send it to me, and my boys can get right to work. It's a game-changer because they can visually highlight the paddocks on the Tabula unit, and we have the certainty that we're spraying the correct paddock," Jayde emphasises.

Tabula has simplified Elite Foliar Solutions operations, improved communication with farmers, and ensured precision in their agricultural activities.

Elite Foliar Solutions

Streamlining operations and communication, resulting in a game-changing precision

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