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Fully Integrated Variable Rate Flow Controller for Aviation

Tabula's new Flow Controller delivers accurate flow rate control, automatically adjusting for ground speed and seamlessly integrating with variable rate maps.


Tabula is pleased to announce the release of new variable rate flow controller for the AirVision Aviation Solution.


Designed in conjunction with aviation contractors, the Aviation Flow Controller delivers very accurate variable flow rates that automatically adjust based on ground speed and seamlessly integrate with variable rate map parameters.

The new Controller also incorporates autoboom technology programmed to turn spray on and off as the aircraft enters and leaves blocks. Controller functionality is accessed through the existing Tabula (formerly TracMap) AirVision Solution with no additional hardware required in the cockpit. The display is customisable by the pilot and provides the ability to easily adjust rates on the ground, in flight or during the job. These features all combine to ensure efficient product use and best-practice soil and crop management.

About Tabula

Founded in 2006, Tabula, formerly known as TracMap, has established itself as a leading provider of agricultural GPS guidance and job management systems for aviation and ground applications. Tabula allows customers to precisely control what goes on the land. Allowing them to know for sure that the work has been completed accurately and efficiently and that they will have the proof for compliance purposes. By fostering seamless collaboration between farmers and contractors, Tabula encourages those who manage productive land to care for it, safeguard its value and increase its productivity now and for generations to come. Visit for more information.

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