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Mainland Spreading


Brian, a driver for Mainland Spreading in Oamaru, shares his experience with the Tabula Spread Controller:

Mainland Spreading, a company that has been operating for around 20 years, specialises in spreading fertiliser to support local agriculture. Brian has been in the industry for six and a half years and understands the importance of streamlining work, especially during the busy spring and summer seasons.

Before using the Tabula Spread Controller, the work was challenging and cumbersome. Brian describes it as "pulling teeth" with the old technology. However, the switch to the spread controller transformed their operations.

The biggest benefit has been the simplicity and ease of use. "Even someone who isn't tech-savvy can operate it effortlessly" Brian says. The support team is always available and responsive, quickly resolving any issues.

The installation process with Tabula was seamless. They arrived early, handled the setup

efficiently, and cleaned up after themselves. "Their ongoing support is exceptional, answering calls even after hours to help with any problems" Brian notes.


“It has been a game-changer for our operations...Get into it - you won't be disappointed”


The controller's ease of use is its standout feature. It is compact, requires minimal setup, and

simplifies job management. The user interface is straightforward, allowing for quick adjustments and seamless job transitions. Compared to other systems, the Tabula controller reduces stress and increases productivity.

Mainland Spreading prides itself on maintaining high standards and using quality equipment.

The Tabula Spread Controller aligns perfectly with their commitment to excellence. For anyone considering a spread controller, Brian highly recommends it. "The device is reliable, user-friendly, and backed by a supportive team. It has been a game-changer for our operations" he says, adding that it makes their work more efficient and less stressful.

For those looking to improve their spreading operations, Brian advises" Get into it—you won't be disappointed."

Mainland Spreading

An operations gamer-changer: Using Tabula's Ground Spread Controller

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