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Central Feeds.


Jayden is the Operations Manager at Central Feeds, a crucial part of the Pye Group business operating across mid-Canterbury. Their services encompass a wide range of tasks, including baling silage, chopping, cultivation drilling and – a recent addition – an effluent division.

Pye Group initially started using Tabula for fertiliser spreading operations, but as both Central Feeds and Pye Group's needs evolved, Tabula seamlessly integrated into their effluent management. What really stands out for Jayden is how effortlessly Tabula integrates with HawkEye. This integration allows data to flow smoothly between the two platforms, which plays a vital role in both Central Feeds and Pye Group's reporting. In Jayden's own words, "The best thing we find about Tabula is the integration with HawkEye. We're able to easily get information back to HawkEye and send information out to Tabula. It's been a key part of our business for our reporting."


Having this integration in place for proof of placement has been a game-changer for us


The integration of Tabula has been a game-changer, especially in providing customers with proof of placement. As Jayden puts it, "Having this integration in place for proof of placement has been a game-changer for us." With Tabula Online, customers can request and share farm maps online, which seamlessly flow to Central Feeds' office. This ensures their teams are consistently aligned with operational requirements. Jayden says, "It means we can get it out to our guys so they're always in the right place. It's important for us to know where they are and what they're doing."

Jayden gives credit to the local sales manager from Tabula, who has played a pivotal role in their journey. Having a dedicated point of contact to cater to Central Feeds' unique needs, along with the added convenience of a 0800 number customer support line, adds an extra layer of accessibility.

For Jayden, Tabula has not only improved operational efficiency but has also boosted confidence. With Tabula, Central Feeds can operate with precision and assurance, knowing they are fully in control of their operations.

Central Feeds

Game changing integration for proof of placement

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