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The AirVision Flow Controller for Kawak Electric Spray Pump

Revolutionising helicopter spray productivity

The formation of a powerful partnership: Tabula's AirVision system now offers a flow controller for liquid flow control on aircraft, for use in conjunction with the Kawak KFlow 200 Electric Spray Pump.


The Kawak KFlow 200 Electric Spray Pump dramatically increases helicopter productivity with up to double the output vs. existing electric spray pumps; whilst the flow controller directly controls the flow rate, eliminating the need for a proportional flow control valve.

How it works

The variable speed pump is used for direct control of the flow rate. The AirVision Flow Controller is connected to a Kawak Signal Converter to provide the speed signal to the Kawak motor, and to receive the tacho pulses so it can monitor motor speed. The flow rate is measured using a flowmeter. The AirVision Flow Controller compares the measured flow rate to the target flow rate (based on the application rate set on the AirVision Tablet (AVT), and adjusts the spray pump speed appropriately.

About the Kawak KFlow 200 Electric Spray Pump

The Kawak KFlow 200 Electric Spray Pump has had four years of in service testing with exceptional performance and reliability. The pump utilises environmentally sealed Kawak 28Vdc brushless motor with a proven history. It has a pilot controlled variable speed output or automatic speed control via Tabula flow control integration. The design is simple and efficient, with little to no maintenance required, and LH and RH rotation available. The weight of the pump / motor assembly is 37 lbs (17 kg). 

About the AirVision Flow Controller

The Flow Controller combines navigation and application control in one intuitive package for spray application. Calibrate, adjust and fly, all on one screen. Providing accurate flow rate control that automatically adjusts for ground speed, the display is customisable by the pilot, allowing for easy rate adjustments on the ground, in flight, or during the job. The screen provides a wide brightness range for pilot comfort with a high refresh rate, whilst the controller can be seamlessly integrated with variable rate maps and autoboom technology.

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