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TracMap is now Tabula

​TracMap, a trusted agriculture technology partner for 16 years, is rebranding to Tabula.


TracMap, a trusted agriculture technology partner for 16 years, is rebranding to Tabula.


TracMap is excited to announce a new chapter in the company's evolution. TracMap, the technology brand that aviators have come to trust and rely on, is rebranding to Tabula. This change represents the company's commitment to growth, innovation and delivering even more value to its customers in the agricultural aviation sector.

Tabula will continue to make the business of aerial application easier and safer, even as the jobs grow more complex. CEO John Enlow says, "Tabula's mission is to help our customers protect and grow the value of their productive land now and for future generations to come. We're changing our name because we're looking to the future. While this will be an evolution for us, it is not a transformation. The name change to Tabula will better reflect our expanded capabilities and future vision."

As Tabula, the company will provide an even more comprehensive suite of solutions for landowners, contractors, and aviators, spanning health and safety, job management, compliance, and more. Customers can expect the same great products and services delivered by the same team. Enlow concluded, "We'll continue to evolve our solutions under Tabula - just as we've done under TracMap. It's all aimed at bringing certainty to customers' operations and reporting, enhancing their productivity, and building a knowledge bank of valuable data". The name Tabula is inspired by the ancient practice of recording information on flat, portable surfaces called tabulae. Ingenious record keepers and skilled cartographers of the past laid the foundation for the modern-day tablet and map. By adopting the name Tabula, it embraces the company's roots in mapping and its commitment to recording vital data while looking ahead to a future of continued innovation.

About Tabula

Founded in 2006, Tabula, formerly known as TracMap, has established itself as a leading provider of agricultural GPS guidance and job management systems for aviation and ground applications. Tabula allows customers to precisely control what goes on the land. Allowing them to know for sure that the work has been completed accurately and efficiently and that they will have the proof for compliance purposes. By fostering seamless collaboration between farmers and contractors, Tabula encourages those who manage productive land to care for it, safeguard its value and increase its productivity now and for generations to come. Visit for more information.

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