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Tabula's New Internal Lightbar

​Increased Pilot Safety Focus of New Lightbar.


Increased Pilot Safety Focus of New Lightbar


Tabula’s new Internal Lightbar increases pilot safety by incorporating hazard warnings and angle of intercept display.

11 April, 2023. In response to feedback from pilots, Tabula has introduced a new Internal Lightbar with a second row of lights displaying angle of intercept for improved operational safety.

“We’ve worked closely with pilots on this development. Including the angle of intercept on the Lightbar means the pilot no longer needs to refer to the TML-A to stay on line or find the start of a new line,” said Chris Holden, Australian Aviation Sales Manager. “All the information they need is displayed on the lightbar, significantly increasing the amount of time a pilot can keep their eyes outside, and, naturally, increasing pilot safety,” he said.

Chris further indicated that when used with Tabula’s TML-A system, the Lightbar is customisable allowing the pilot to configure how information such as warnings and spray indicators are displayed.

The compact design has flexible mounting options to suit both fixed wing and rotor aircraft, a wide brightness range for pilot comfort, and high refresh rate. The new Lightbar seamlessly integrates into current TML-A installations using existing cables making upgrades easy, and will ship with all new orders from March 2023.

For more information about Tabula’s Internal Lightbar and upgrade offers, please contact one of our Sales Managers on 0800 4 822 852.

About Tabula

Founded in 2006, Tabula, formerly known as TracMap, has established itself as a leading provider of agricultural GPS guidance and job management systems for aviation and ground applications. Tabula allows customers to precisely control what goes on the land. Allowing them to know for sure that the work has been completed accurately and efficiently and that they will have the proof for compliance purposes. By fostering seamless collaboration between farmers and contractors, Tabula encourages those who manage productive land to care for it, safeguard its value and increase its productivity now and for generations to come. Visit for more information.

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