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Streamlining Aerial Application with Chem-Man Integration

Chem-Man integration to improving workflow
efficiency and accuracy.


Tabula streamlines aerial application with Chem-Man integration.


Tabula has responded to customer feedback by collaborating with Chem-Man to create a new integration aimed at improving workflow efficiency and accuracy.

The Chem-Man integration offers users fast and easy transfer of application data directly to and from all ATV devices into Chem-Man via USB transfer and a simple drag-and drop interface. Jobs requested via Chem-Man are easily uploaded onto the pilot’s ATV device, and upon completion of the job, all data captured is easily exported to USB and uploaded back into the Chem-Man platform. This integration allows your customers’ data to be easily accessible via one of North America’s industry-leading agricultural software providers.

CEO John Enlow says the relationship with Chem-Man is a natural fit as Tabula (formerly TracMap) continues to expand its presence in North America. “Many of our customers in the USA rely on Chem-Man so the decision to work with them to simplify the data transfer process was a no-brainer. Tie-ins like this show our commitment to making job management and administration as easy and efficient as possible in every market we operate in.”Chem-Man’s chemical application data adds another layer of surety to Tabula's end-to-end GPS guidance and job management solution – a fully integrated system including lightbar, spray controller and real-time job management through Tabula Online.For more information about Tabula's integration with Chem-Man, please contact one of our Sales Managers on +1 (321) 265 7060.

About Tabula

Founded in 2006, Tabula, formerly known as TracMap, has established itself as a leading provider of agricultural GPS guidance and job management systems for aviation and ground applications. Tabula allows customers to precisely control what goes on the land. Allowing them to know for sure that the work has been completed accurately and efficiently and that they will have the proof for compliance purposes. By fostering seamless collaboration between farmers and contractors, Tabula encourages those who manage productive land to care for it, safeguard its value and increase its productivity now and for generations to come. Visit for more information.

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